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USA Gymnastics Media Accreditation Policy
USAG Gymnastics (USAG) has the sole and exclusive right to approve, deny and distribute credentials for its events and does so at its discretion.

Media outlets applying for credentials to cover USA Gymnastics events must be in the business of news gathering as its primary source of revenue. Unless otherwise approved by USAG, individuals applying for credentials must be professionally employed full-time by newsgathering organizations.

Media credentials are not intended for those who sell photos or images. Credentials will not be issued to those involved in commercial ventures, unless specially approved in advance and written consent is obtained from USA Gymnastics.

For consideration for a media credential, a journalist must:
  • Have completed the credential through the credential request portion of this site at least 14 days prior to the start of the event.
  • Be a current, working journalist or photographer for a recognized local, national or international media outlet on assignment for the event.
  • The media outlet must have a public news website and a demonstrated reader, viewer or follower base exceeding certain minimum standards.
Written confirmation of credential approval from USA Gymnastics will be sent via email no later than 10 days prior to the start of the event.

USA Gymnastics will not accept a credential application from freelance photographers, writers or internet reporters without the following
  • Completed on-line application.
  • Assignment letter on company letterhead detailing actual assignment (emails not acceptable) from the assigning editor, with his/her name and contact info.
  • Also, submission of these materials is not a guarantee of credential application approval.
When issuing credentials, priority will be given to:
  • Wire services (AP, AFP, Reuters, etc.)
  • Daily newspapers (based on circulation)
  • Local newspaper/media outlets in host city
  • Local television affiliates
  • National-level, endemic gymnastics media outlets with a demonstrated, broad following focused on news, information and athlete features
  • Magazines and weekly newspapers
Credentials for websites staffed by full-time employees who are reporting for news purposes shall be granted pending available space at the venue and meeting the following requirements
  • The site must demonstrate a record of sustained, original news content on gymnastics.
  • The site's own full-time staff must write an overwhelming percentage of the site's content.
  • If requested, site must furnish certifiable traffic number of monthly visitors from an established auditing firm. Hit counters will not fulfill this requirement.
  • Websites that will not be credentialed include: personal page publishers, discussion boards/chat rooms, subscription-based sites and gymnastics club sites.
  • Live coverage from events is acceptable via Facebook, Twitter and online; however, it cannot resemble live scoring, which is provided through
  • Each organization that is filing to a website or represents a website must sign the event's web guidelines, which addresses use of video and images taken at the event.
Credential Usage
USA Gymnastics reserves the right to revoke credentials for unprofessional behavior or conduct. All credentialed media must sign the Professional Journalism Policies prior to receiving accreditation.

USA Gymnastics uses credentials with a photo at selected events. Credentials may not be duplicated or reproduced in any manner. Credentials are not transferable. Credentials must be worn at all times.

Approval Process
Media will receive notification of credential approval via e-mails. Receipt of credentials in prior years does not guarantee credentials for future events. Credentials will not be mailed.

Applications and all requested supplementary documentation must be submitted by the established deadlines. Waiving of deadlines is solely at USA Gymnastics discretion.

Credential Access
Access to media work areas is restricted to credentialed journalists and photographers covering the event. Except for media staff members and event staff, only athletes and coaches participating in news conferences, interviews or media teleconference calls are allowed in media work zones.
Press Seating
In some venues, access to press row or media seating may be limited due to space. In that case, a priority system will be used to assign seats in press seating. Journalists writing a "game story" on deadline will be given first priority for workspace in press seating. Media working on their outlet's social media sites and others who are not filing on deadline from the venue may be assigned to the auxiliary press seating area.

Seats in the press section are tabled and have power. Auxiliary press seats consist of seating in the venue near the press tribune with optimal viewing, but no table or power.

Media outlets with more than two journalists may be asked to work from the auxiliary press seating area.

Photography will be permissible only in the designated areas provided that such photography does not interfere with USA Gymnastics and NBC rights, personnel and the conduct of the event. Photographers are requested to wear dark clothing. Camera bags are not be permitted on the arena floor. Monopods are permitted; no tripods. Photographers may file from press row (space permitting) or the media workroom, but not from the field of play.
NBC Sports and USA Gymnastics maintain the exclusive right to broadcast and/or stream USA Gymnastics championship events. Local and non-rights-holding news crews must sign the broadcast guidelines that govern access to each event. They may be allowed the following access, with the approval of USA Gymnastics and/or NBC Sports.
Athlete Interviews
Media Day is usually conducted the day prior to the start of the event. This is the only opportunity to interview athletes prior to the competition; the format is not set up for in-depth question and answer sessions. At the end of each competition day, athletes are available in an Olympic-style mixed-zone format. Mixed zone interviews are intended for reporters to gather quick, reaction quotes, not for in-depth question and answer sessions. Media wishing to conduct in-depth interviews should contact USA Gymnastics to discuss options for arranging additional interview opportunities outside of competition week.
No credentialed media may take video footage (including digital) without prior approval with the exception of accredited local TV affiliates.

No personal video cameras or digital video cameras will be permitted. Flash photography, audio, or video or digital video recording of any kind is not permitted.

Any exceptions to the above requirements are at the sole discretion of USA Gymnastics. Application for credentials does not guarantee approval.